Especially for Health Care Professionals

As health care professionals, we know that health and sexuality are inextricably linked. 

To inquire about a lecture, presentation or training for your group please Email Mary or call 408.371.4847 for details.

Yet, patients rarely ask for help when problems are related to sexuality.  Patients want physicians to bring up the problems. 

In this context, the resources below are for your use as a health care professional. 

Immediate Need

If you have an immediate need in the Santa Clara County area, I am available:

  • To work together: I have joined forces with many health care professionals in the area to address sexual health

    New clients always welcome.
    Please email Mary or
    phone 408.371.4847.

  • As a referral:  If you encounter a sexuality issue that you would like to refer to an outside resource

Help with Painful Sex

Dealing with painful sex is a specialty for me and I have added a new section to my website here that addresses the problem.  The new section includes:

  • Pain evaluation form
  • Stories about painful sex to let women know that they are not alone
  • Resources for multidisciplinary treatment of painful Intercourse, and
  • Many other helpful resources about painful sex

Support Literature

  • For health care professionals in the area, I have handouts and other literature available that addresses sexuality issues.
    • A sex therapy book list for health professional to hand out to their patients (pdf book and video list)

Presentations - Lectures - Training
Continuing Education Credits


  • I can make presentations to you and your staff to bring your team up to speed on current sexual health issues and approaches.
    • A popular format I often use is a “lunch presentation,” which provides a friendly, enjoyable environment for small groups.  Popular topics include:
      • Sex Therapy - diagnosis and treatment of sexual problems
      • Sex, health & menopause
      • When sex hurts: Diagnosis and interdisciplinary treatment of vulvar, vaginal and pelvic pain
      • Sexuality and Chronic Illness for Health Care Professionals
      • Talking about sexual issues with patients
      • Women’s health & body image
      • Sex Education for professionals working with families and youth

Continuing Education Credits:

  • Continuing education credits can be made available in coordination with your CME department.
  • Examples of past training sessions with other health care professional include:
    • Sex Therapy - Clinical Update on Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexual Problems - Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, Department of OBGYN, Santa Clara, Ca., California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, SCC Chapter
    • Sexuality and Chronic Illness for Health Care Professionals - Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Gatos Community Hospital
    • When Sex Hurts: Diagnosis and Multidisciplinary Treatment of Vulvar, Vaginal and Pelvic Pain - El Camino Hospital, Santa Clara University Graduate School, SSTAR Clinical Case Conference
    • Sex, Health & Menopause - Camino Medical Group, San Jose Medical Group
    • Keeping Love and Sex Alive in a Long Term Relationship - Camino Medical Group, Los Olivos Medical Group

Guest Lectures

  • If you would ever like me to speak, I'd be happy to. Typical groups can range in size from five and up. Some professional groups have integrated my lectures into their continuing education programs (see above).

Community Resources for Health Care Professionals


  • Rape Crisis 408-295-4011 – YWCA San Jose
  • San Francisco Sex Info Hotline 415-665-7300
  • Good Vibrations / Catalogue 415-974-8990,
  • GLBTG Billy De Frank Community Center, San Jose, Ca -  408-293-agay
  • Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays -
  • CDC 404-639-3311
  • STD Hotline 800-227-8922
  • Herpes Hotline 800-342-7514
  • Aids Hotline 800-342-7514
  • Resolve 415-459-2995 Infertility
  • Planned Parenthood, San Jose, CA - 408-287-7526

Twelve Step Recovery

  • Naranon, Alcoholics, Codependents, Overeaters, Debtor’s, Marijuana, Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous (look up on web / phonebook)
  • CD Programs-Good Samaritan 408-559-2000, The Camp 4087-438-1868, Stanford & El Camino Hospitals, SCC Alcohol Treatment Services

Mental Health

  • Low cost –Catholic Social Services, Family Service Assn. 288-6200, SCC Mental Health, JFK University Counseling Services, Bill Wilson Center
  • Grief – Center for Living with Dying 408-980-9801, KARA in PA.
  • PAMI Alliance for the Adult Mentally Ill 408-280-7264
  • Suicide Hotline 279-3312

Domestic Violence

  • Next Door 408-279-2962 or
    or Mid Peninsula Support in Palo Alto, CA

Online Resources

Resources for Sex & Disability / Chronic Illness

  • National Organizations for specific illnesses often have a brochure or section of their website that focuses on sexual intimacy information and adaptations. 

    Example:  Arthritis Foundation (1998):  A guide to Intimacy with Arthritis from
  • Kaufman, M., M.D., Silverberg, C. & Odette, F. (2003). The ultimate guide to sex and disability: For all of us who live with disabilities, chronic pain & illness. San Francisco: Cleis Press, Inc.
  • Nusbaum, M. R. H., and Lenahan, P. & Hamilton, C. (2003) Chronic illness and sexual functioning. American Family Physician.67(2), 347-355. Retrieved November, 2004, from:
  • Schover, L. R., & Jensen, S. B. (1988). Sexuality and Chronic Illness: A Comprehensive Approach. New York: Guilford Press.
  • Seagraves, R. T., Md. & Balon, R. (2003) Sexual pharmacology: fast facts. New York: Norton & Company; Spiral edition.
  • Sipski, M. L., & Alexander, C. J. (1997). Sexual Function in People with Disability and Chronic Illness. Maryland: Aspen Press.

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