Pain Evaluation

Every evaluation must begin with  a thorough history.  Please fill this out and bring/send in a copy. You will also have a specific description of your problem history to take with you to other treatment professionals as needed. (PDF version).

   1. Develop a timeline of the dyspareunia.

  • Has intercourse always been painful?
  • Has tampon use always been painful?
  • Did the pain start acutely or gradually?
  • Is the pain only during intercourse or is there pain without provocation?
  • Since the pain began, have there been episodes of completely pain free sex? 

   2. Determine the location of the pain

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  • Is the pain upon insertion?
  • Is the pain inside the vagina?
  • Is there pain with deep thrusting?
  • Are there any positions that are more/less painful?
  • Is there pain with clitoral stimulation?
  • Is there post-coital pain?

  3. Elicit symptoms

  • Burning, rawness, cutting,  searing, aching, sharp, dull, throbbing, tearing, sandpaper, dry, itchy?
  • Is there dysuria, hesitancy, urgency, frequency, incomplete emptying?
  • Is there constipation?

   4. Additional important questions

  • Have you used oral contraceptive pills? How long?
  • Have you used antifungal creams? Did they burn when you used them?
  • If you have been treated for recurrent infections, have you had positive cultures?
  • Have you had a vulvar biopsy?
  • Is the pain worse/same/better if you use a condom?
  • Do you have bleeding during/after sex?
  • Do you tear during sex?
  • Do you have oral lesions?
  • Do you have sensitive skin?
  • Do you have allergies to topical medications?

This Pain Evaluation is courtesy of:
Dr. Andrew Goldstein
The Centers for Vulvovaginal Disorders
3 Washington Circle NW, Suite 205
Washington, DC 20037
Phone: (202) 887-0568


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