The  Parenting Continuum presents a free workshop for parents

Sex Education for Early Intervention Parenting


Parents and caretakers can have a powerful influence on their child's sexual decision making, however, most adults could use some help in knowing what areas of sexuality to talk to their kids about and how to talk about it.  The Los Gatos Parenting Continuum is now offering a series of free workshops aimed at dealing with sexuality education for parents/caretakers, grades 5th and older (the workshop is for parents only).

Take home "talk at home" assignments and resource lists for books, Web sites and videos will be provided for your continued efforts at home. The program design is guided by successful approaches in encouraging parent child communication about sexuality resulting from research done by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS).


Workshop Schedule and Presenters for Sex Education

Topic: General Information about Sexuality Education (for parents only)
Speakers: Mary M Buxton LCSW, Inc., AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Dr. Carole Cook, Gyn
Date: TBA :
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All workshops will be held at the Los Gatos Neighborhood Center Lounge, 208 E Main, 1st floor, in Los Gatos.  Free.  For questions call Mary Buxton, (408) 371- 4847 or via email


Workshop Presenters

Mary Buxton, LCSW, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, has past experience as the sex educator on two California Office of Family Planning Information and Education grants, the Parent Sex Education Project and Project Teen.  Mary is a Daves Avenue Elementary School parent and a member of the Parenting Continuum planning group.

Carole Cook, MD, Gynecologist and Women's Health Care Specialist has provided sex education seminars for local private schools.  Carole is also a Fischer Middle School parent.


The Parenting Continuum

The Parenting Continuum is a cooperative partnership of Teen and Family Counseling Center, the Elementary Parent Education Council of Los Gatos Union School District, Adult Education and the Healthy Lifestyles Committee of Los Gatos-Saratoga High School District, and CASA (Community Against Substance Abuse). The goals of the workshops complement the LGUSD Character Education Program value of RESPECT


For more information contact:
Mary M Buxton LCSW, Inc.,
AASECT Certified Sex Therapist
(408) 371 - 4847;  email

Updated 7/11/11

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