Sex Ed Books For Parents to Use at Home with Their Children

By Mary M Buxton LCSW, Inc.

Controversial topic?  Sure. 
Important.  You bet! 

Why?  Your voice on sex education needs to be heard by your children.  Don’t forget that the world we live leaves us with houses without walls when it comes to sexuality information.  There is an almost constant bombardment of sexual messages and images in magazines, movies, ads, song lyrics and the Internet.  And then there’s the likely misinformation of peers on the playground.  Could your kids get the wrong idea or incomplete information about sex and reproduction?  Sure.  Even likely.  Your voice with your values on sex education needs to be heard again and again by your children to layer on the complex information of the biologic, social, emotional, risk and family values aspects along with the guidelines that you have for your children.  The advantage to starting early is that you can begin your teaching before you and your children develop the self -consciousness and wish for privacy that can begin in the preteen years. 

Please, please, please preview these books before launching into any reading with your children. Take editorial license to decide what pages you want to cover now and which ones you want to save until a little later.  You may want to skip some topics altogether because your family does not believe and or approve of such a lifestyle or practice.  This way we can all avoid the usual controversy over which values to teach that usually stops any attempt at sex education.  

For Parents

From Diapers to Dating:  A Parent’s Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children, Haffner, MPH, Newmarket Press, 1999.

Beyond the Big Talk:  Every Parent’s Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Teens, From Middle School to College, Haffner & Tartaglione, Newmarket Press, 2001.

For Elementary Parents to Share with their Children

So That’s How I Was Born!  Dr. R. Brooks, Aladdin, 1985.

It’s So Amazing!  A Book About Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies and Families,  Harris, Candlewick, 2002.

What’s Inside? My Body:  A First Guide to the Wonders and Workings of the Human Body, DK Books, 1991.

Outside-In:  A lift the flap body book, Smallman, Barron’s,

See How You Grow:  A lift the flap body book, Dr. E. Pearse, Barron’s.

What’s the Big Secret?  Talking about Sex with Girls and Boys, L.K. Brown and Marc Brown (author of Arthur Series). Little Brown and Co., 1997.

Where Did I Come From?  Peter Mayle, Carol Publishing Group, 1995. 

Where Do Babies Come From? Mayes & Meredith, Usborne Press, 1992.

For Junior High Parents to Share with their Children

The What’s Happening to My Body Book for Boys:  a growing Up Guide for Parents and Sons, Madaras, Newmarket, 2000.

The What’s Happening to My Body Book for Girls:  a growing Up Guide for Parents and Daughters, Madaras, Newmarket, 2000.

My Body, Myself - For Boys:  For Preteens and Teens,  Madaras, Newmarket Press, 2000.

My Body Myself - For Girls:  For Preteens and Teens, Madaras, Newmarket Press, 2000.

Ten Talks Parents Must Have With Their Children About Sex and Character, Schwartz, Ph.D. & D. Cappello, Hyperion, 2000.

The Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality, Basso, Fairview Press, 1997.


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