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The articles in this section can help you define and better understand your sexual problem.  Many people have no idea what sex therapy is.  Hopefully, the information below may help you demystify the process of sex therapy.


  • Date by the Numbers (pdf file)
    Download  Mary’s popular and free Date by the Numbers guide (Link above; 344 Kb pdf file).  Date by the numbers is a treasure map that is meant to spark spontaneity, interest and fun.  It’s a “different date” for yawning or sleepy couples who have been together a while. 
  • Problems with Sex for Pregnancy
    Sex education is very often a subject that is not mentioned in Indian families.  Many families believe that the couple will learn through trial and error “when the time comes.”
  • Be Open to… Sexual health  in the US
    South Asian Indian patients may initially struggle to engage in open discussion with their doctor, may not have words to ask questions about sexual health, and may feel shame, embarrassment, fear…at first.  However, knowing that help is readily available and practice seeking that help can create comfort.  They may also find solutions for problems they formerly felt stuck with.
  • What is a Sexually Healthy Teen?
    A sexually active teen appreciates their body, take responsibility for their own behavior, communicates effectively & respectfully, and express love & intimacy in a way that is appropriate for their age. In order to avoid putting pressure on teens who are not having sex, it needs to be said up front…most kids will be interested in sex and that this does not equal that they want to be sexual with another. It is okay, and likely smart and healthy to say no to sex when you are not ready or willing to be sexual with a partner.
  • Sex Ed Books For Parents to Use at Home with Their Children
    A Controversial topic to be sure.  But your voice on sex education needs to be heard by your children.  This short article and book list will help.
  • Protecting Your Child from Sexual Abuse: For Parents of Preschool and Elementary Age Children
    The threat of sexual abuse is one of the major fears of most parents.  To help protect our children when we can't be with them, we need to teach them how to protect themselves in ways appropriate to their age level.
  • Couple Therapy: Seven Principals to Make a Relationship Work
    Sex therapy and relationship therapy go hand in hand.   Researcher, John Gottman, PhD, has come up with seven principles that can help your relationship thrive.
  • Female Sexual Problems
    Read to find information about the descriptions, causes and possible treatment strategies of common female sexual problems.
  • Male Sexual Problems
    Read to find information about the descriptions, causes and possible treatment strategies of common male sexual problems.
  • Sex After Baby
    Find out what you can do to maintain sexual and emotional intimacy during the post partum period and beyond.
  • Assertiveness Training, Practice Guidelines
    Assertiveness training is based on a two-level approach.  There is a set of new verbal skills to learn as well as a new philosophy or way of thinking about situations to adopt.
  • Overcoming Shyness
    Overcoming shyness involves developing self-esteem and social skills. To communicate about oneself and show interest in the other person requires self esteem, which can be developed through awareness and practice.
  • Teaching Your Children Values: The Character Construction Site
    This section is written to support you in teaching your children values. The ideas presented here should give you more concrete and practical ways to teach a “value of the month.”  These are only suggested values, offered to help you get more conscious of what you want to teach your children.

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